PayDN makes accepting a P2P or bank app at the point of sale, simple, private and more secure than accepting any other form of payment.


We are a merchant acquiring, payment processing and data analytics network, providing an open loop point of sale payment network for 3rd party P2P (Venmo, CashApp) and bank apps (Chime, Credit Unions) while servicing a growing community of retailers.


The current electronic payment network was developed more than 50 years ago (Visa/Mastercard), making it difficult to deliver a secure and private payment experience that can meet the expectations of today's issuers, merchants and consumers.

Market Size

There are over 120 million stored value P2P digital wallet users in the US and over 50 million using the top two apps (Venmo, CashApp) every month. Over 236 billion payment transactions are made and grows at 6% every year. Our target market are debit, prepaid and cash, which accounts for about 147 billion. In our bottoms up forecast, we have a clear path to capturing at least 15 billion of those, estimated at over $2.25B in annual revenue.


We have reimagined payments, allowing consumers to use their existing P2P or bank app to make POS purchases at any retailer, by developing set of open APIs, enabling a low-cost integration, no touch, fully integrated all digital payment infrastructure.

Our patent-pending Multi-Party Synchronous Authorization process, eliminates purchase and data fraud that’s found in current payment networks. MPSA requires zero consumer or financial information to authorize and settle a payment transaction online or in-person.

Multi-Party Synchronous Authorization

Our focus is on validating and authorizing the transaction, not the consumer by using a time-based, single use, verifiable, shared transaction key; because of that, a consumer's PII or financial/payment information is NOT required or allowed to be transmitted on the network.

Development Status

  • Prototype Complete.
  • Demo environment for Digital Wallet Providers and Merchants.
  • MVP Final Design In Progress

Discuss Investment Opportunities

The Payments Industry has not had any real innovation in decades. With alternative payments solutions the potential for significant growth and wealth opportunities are very real. Reach out to us today to discuss options and opportunities with PayDN.